Principal Corps

The University of Mississippi


Our 13-month program takes a parallel approach to transforming teachers into educational leaders.

Through graduate coursework, our recruits are exposed to the theories behind learning and leadership. Simultaneously, through two full-time internships under veteran principals from across Mississippi, they gain the knowledge that only comes from experience.

Upon successful completion of the program, Principal Corps graduates receive either a Master of Education (M.Ed.) or Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree in educational leadership from UM.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)



Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

Year One – Summer EDLD 610
EDLD 614
Mission, Vision, and Core Values of Leadership
Community and External Leadership
Year One – Fall EDLD 613
EDLD 617
EDLD 611
Instructional Leadership
School Law and Leadership
Ethics and Professional Norms for Educational Leaders
Year One – Spring EDLD 616
EDLD 618
EDLD 612
Data-informed Leadership
Operations and Management Leadership
Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
Year Two – Summer EDLD 619
EDLD 615
School Turnaround
Building Level Human Resources Leadership
Total 30

Internship Hour Requirements

Two full-time, administrative internships are completed under the mentorship of an Instructional Leader (IL) Mentor who serves as the designated school representative and the University Mentor (UM) who serves as the program liaison.

Comprehensive Examination and Courses Covered

EDLD 610, EDLD 612, EDLD 613, EDLD 615, EDLD 617, EDLD 616, EDLD 618, EDLD 611, EDLD 614, EDLD 619

The comprehensive examination is completed at the end of the academic program.

The exam covers the knowledge, skills, and dispositions acquired in the program study of educational leadership.

Application Deadline for Graduate Degree

Completion of a GS 8-Application for Graduate Degree Form is required.

The deadline is February 1 of each year. This form requires the signature of the program coordinator or department chair.

For Further Information:

Dr. Tom Burnham, Principal Corps Interim Director: